What do our clients say?

Here is a selection of quotes from clients, in their words, so you can see what they say. They all like the straight-talking yet supportive conversations, and they like the changes they were able to make with our help.

Insightful and interesting. The workshop with Astrid allowed us to explore each other’s work style preferences and understand each other’s personality traits. This will enable us to utilise our respective strengths and support each other’s weaknesses to maximise team performance. The outcome – a clear strategy with achievable short and long term goals. We also had bags of fun. A brilliant team building experience. Highly recommended.
UK: Partner, law firm

Working with Astrid was both pleasurable & constructive. Her ability to build instant rapport from the start was noticeable & paved the way for a dialogue framed with insightful questions… Her ability to skillfully connect the dots of my prior experience, work styles, passion, interests, etc., was instrumental in helping me… articulate specific goals. As a result, I feel a sense of purpose & enthusiasm to create what comes next!
USA: Company Director, green homes design and build

Astrid helped me find the confidence that lived inside me all along. Through her highly analytical approach she helped me understand where I’ve struggled in the past and how to pivot to put my best foot forward. Astrid understands how psychological corporate leadership is and her strategic insights are built from years of experience and being on the other side of desk. I am certain that she will benefit you and your team.
USA: Communications Professional

I found the coaching sessions highly productive in helping me to order my thoughts about a range of issues related to my current role at work. I am now contributing more positively and effectively at work and this is helping [us all] in what are challenging times. The sessions have had a positive overspill into my private life as my frustrations at work have, I now realise, been having a negative impact at home. I now feel that I have a clear perspective.
UK: Senior Manager, Public Sector (Social Care)

I have a much clearer understanding of why I work & behave as I do and how, by setting clear goals with actions, it actually makes a difference… The sessions made me think & consider things in a focused way, that I couldn’t, as I might have done in another setting, avoid doing – yet although they were hard work, I left the sessions with a sense of direction & achievement, & saw real benefits.
UK: District Judge

I would like to thank Astrid for her help and sensitivity in coaching me from a negative and somewhat stagnant place to one where I feel empowered to deal with a range of work and personal [issues]. The techniques that Astrid has taught provided me with some very useful tools which I can apply in a variety of situations and have enabled me to move forward to the place I wanted to be. Thank you Astrid for helping me “smell the roses”!
UK: Founder, independent financial services firm

I have found the work discussions with Astrid invaluable in focussing on changes and developments, particularly enabling me to focus on goals and longer-term planning. Some of the content provides both a structure for ongoing thinking, and useful reminders.
UK: Partner, national financial services firm

It was really great to get a fresh perspective on so many aspects of my career… and life, really! It truly felt like you were genuinely in it with me on the exploration. Excited to do my “homework”.
Canada: Bioresource Engineer

Astrid was very reassuring. She took the time to understand my business and the personal development areas I needed assistance with. I’ve certainly come away with much more knowledge around leadership, stress management and supporting the individuals in my team.
UK: Managing Director, disruptor legal practice

Astrid had a clear, perceptive and intelligent approach to coaching which made the process enjoyable and life-changing … The overall impact was that I achieved something I’d been failing at for many years, something I’d almost given up on… The coaching enabled me to see other life issues more clearly, issues which were not part of the original goal. Whenever I face a challenge now, I apply the strategies I learned from my coaching experience, and always find a solution.
UK: Author & Residential Landlord

Having spent time talking thing through with Astrid, and reflecting between sessions, I now realise that … I need to look at my skills and think about what I enjoy doing and make an informed decision about my next move. Without the coaching sessions I would still be feeling stressed and anxious but it has helped me to focus my mind on positive action and look to the future.
UK: Analyst, Public Sector (Performance Management)

The progress the team has been able to demonstrate in our team building workshops is impressive and evidence based. I find your approach simple and effective. You have managed to build a good rapport with all, both new and old, through a difficult period. I appreciate your support and look forward to your help through the rest of the evolution. I would definitely recommend Astrid for other teams who may be going through a similar [change] process.
UK: Senior Manager, Public Sector (Engineering)

This was my first experience of coaching so I didn’t know what to expect. Although the sessions could be challenging at times… I found it overall to be a positive process. I feel I am now in a position to take control of my life. The coaching has forced me to think about what is it that I’m unhappy about in my working life.  Having done that I have started to think about how I can fix it.
UK: Manager, Public Sector (Policy)

Many thanks for all your time and effort over the last [few] months or so … I learned from and enjoyed our coaching sessions, so many thanks indeed for the time you invested in me.

UK, Director, major charity

I have found the coaching sessions with Astrid enjoyable, interesting and rewarding. The sessions have enabled time to reflect on myself, my role… and to reflect on the things I can have an influence on / change and those I can’t. The sessions enabled me to focus on the importance of setting goals and expectations and then reflecting on these.
UK: Senior Manager, Public Sector (Care)