Tackle change with confidence

Change is inevitable. Get your change right, first time.

Tackle change with confidence

Change has always been with us. So why is it still seen as a problem?

Easy. It’s because people simply aren’t shown how to tackle it.

And what is “change” anyhow?

Here at Astrid Davies Consulting, we define change as things being done differently. So, we don’t see change as a problem – it’s just about exploring different challenges.

In fact, we’d love to assist you with your change, because those challenges are actually full of opportunities.

That’s what we’re great at – helping you seize your opportunities.


How we can help you

If you’re looking to get your change right, first time, you’re in the right place.

Please look at our services – whatever your workplace problem, we can help.


What would successful change be like? How best to deliver change confidently?


How do you want to progress? We’ll help you build your skills – and your career.


What are the extra skills you would like, to equip you to be the leader you really want to be?


How do you build your network and your leadership skills? Easy – come to our FLB events.

Our clients love their results

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Having spent the last ten years in the green design and building industry, I am now at a point where I am evaluating what other roles or positions I might pursue or create for myself. Being able to talk to a career coach who is familiar with the broad field of sustainability is vital and I found Astrid to ‘fit the bill’.”  

“Astrid helped me find the confidence that lived inside me all along. Through her highly analytical approach she helped me understand where I’ve struggled in the past and how to pivot to put my best foot forward.”

About Us

The founder and Managing Director of ADCL, Astrid Davies, is an experienced leader, with a successful 30-year track record of heading high-performing teams that delivered, across private, public and voluntary sectors. Recognising that combining different talents and expertise brings richer rewards for clients, Astrid curates a carefully selected group of Associates. We combine, as fellow professionals, to resolve your workplace problem.