Future Leaders Club®


If you’re new to management and ambitious for successful leadership roles, our club is for you.

Run as either breakfast or supper events, these offer you leadership insights, management techniques and great peer-to-peer networking. In fact, we know this cost-effective way to learn helps build your professional network because it has a great track record for referrals.  You really will build better business relationships through fun networking and shared learning.

Most importantly, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else – so come and join us!


Affectionately known as “FLBs”, these are networking events designed specifically for you.  To be precise, they’re for you, if you’re new to management and leadership.  They’re also great for networking being camouflage for some more experienced leaders who never quite managed to get the management training they needed when they started out.  So, if that’s you, come to your nearest FLB for the networking – no-one will ever know!

Why FLBs?  That’s simple.  So many young people start out their careers, particularly in the Professions, and are taught how to be the best lawyer/financier/surveyor.  On the other hand, they are rarely taught how to be the best manager and leader, or even just a competent one. That’s a problem. Back in 2017 we began to introduce bite-sized management development hints and tips, alongside fun networking over food.  Soon, the Future Leaders Breakfasts (FLBs) were born. Discreet, practical and relevant to your workday challenges, FLBs are a great way to build your network and your career at the same time.

To find out more, here’s our dedicated FLBs page, where you can sign up for forthcoming events


If you like the sound of this unique leadership development approach, and want to take it to the next level, then our Future Leaders’ Supper Clubs will most definitely be for you.

You will be able to share your workplace challenges with a carefully-curated group of peers.  You will be building your leadership and coaching skill-set in a discreet, supportive and relaxed atmosphere over a delicious meal in a local restaurant.

Styled around an Action Learning set, these help you learn coaching leadership behaviours and are proving a great place to build your career too.  As a matter of fact, we will be looking to relaunch these popular clubs alongside our FLBs as they reopen.  So, if you would like to be in at the beginning in your local area, please get in touch and let’s plan!