Acumen™  is a premium Board level membership network.  Membership offers you a range of ways for you to address the challenges that professional success creates.  Additionally, it offers you a confidential space where you can discuss what matters most in your business.

Exclusive, discreet and focused, the Acumen supper club will be your route to business and personal success.


Firstly, Acumen is a premium board-level network.  As a consequence, it offers peer-to-peer, in-person meetings styled as exclusive Supper Clubs. We will host these discreetly in a local restaurant.  Next, you will meet others who are like you, shouldering the unique burden that is leading an organisation. Likewise, you will build high-value relationships with your fellow members, as you find new solutions to shared problems. Perhaps most importantly, you will exchange informed and unbiased feedback.  The feedback no-one else would actually give you.  All these will enable you to enhance and refine your leadership approach.

Above all, the Acumen club members will be like you – experienced leaders who understand the importance of learning and continuous improvement.  You will all be looking for sound advice from experienced people you can really trust.  Consequently, you will be able to leverage the wisdom collected around the table.


As you might expect from a premium board-level network, your Acumen membership includes a focus on your own personal growth.  For example, included are six bespoke, 1:1 Executive coaching sessions with our lead consultant, Astrid Davies. As a result, you will be sharper, more focused and more motivated.  Ultimately, you will create clear personal and business goals that you’ll be hungry to achieve.

Not only this, but you will also have access to a carefully-curated series of leadership development workshops.  These will really drill down into addressing the most challenging topics that you face.  Explicitly member-only, these will be offered online or in person, to suit you.  And, as with everything about Acumen, they will be focused on helping you derive – and give – the best possible value from and to your network.

To find out more about your local Acumen meeting, get in touch via the button link.  We look forward to hearing how Acumen will work for you.