This is the complaints procedure for Astrid Davies Consulting Limited (ADCL).  Please use this if you have any concerns about how ADCL has either behaved or used information about you. You will need to use this procedure, if you wish to make formal complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office about ADCL.

First, please raise your concerns directly with Astrid as soon as you can. Initially, you should raise your concern informally.  Astrid will do what is possible and appropriate to address your concerns. If, after this, you still feel that you would like to complain formally, please use this procedure to structure your complaint.  Your complaint must be in writing, submitted via email to

The complaints procedure, step-by-step

  1. What is your concern?
  • You can help us to help you best, by setting out your concern clearly.  Where possible, state the time and context for the incident where that is relevant.
  • In addition, please supply a copy of any relevant documentation (for example, if ADCL holds incorrect data about you).
  1. What do you want ADCL to do to address your concern?
  • Please state clearly what you would want ADCL to do, to respond to your concern.
  • You should make sure that you include a reasonable timeframe in your request.  If you request a specific remedy, please make sure that it is proportionate to your concern.
  1. Your details
  • Please state clearly your identity, the correct contact details we should use to reply to you, and the capacity in which you were working with ADCL when you believe your incident occurred.
  • If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, please provide their name and contact details if they want us to contact them as well as, or instead of, you
  1. Declaration
  • Please confirm in your complaint that you understand that ADCL may need to share the information you provide, in the event that you choose to escalate your complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Finally, you will need to confirm in your complaint that you have indicated any documents or information that you do not wish ADCL to share with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


ADCL will store the information (and any relevant documentation) you provide, relating to your complaint, until the resolution of your complaint.  ADCL will store your information electronically if you send the complaint via email.  If you supply anything in hard copy, ADCL will store your data in that format. If you only have hard copies of the supporting documentation, please print a copy of the email and enclose it when you post your complaint to ADCL.  Please use this address: Astrid Davies Consulting Limited, 44 Osborne Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6AD. Please pay the correct postage