World-class solutions

Einstein said that when you stop learning, you start dying. There’s always something good, to add to your “toolkit” of expertise, techniques and skills.

That’s why we offer a wide range of ways to help you build your own leadership style.

Adding to your “Toolkit”

If you are new to managing, or feel you could sharpen your skills, we can definitely help you on your leadership journey.  You will be offered leadership development training which pulls on elements of leading UK MBAs, combined with our profiling services and leadership style analyses.

We can help you have a thorough grounding in enhanced practical leadership. You can have access to leadership training expertise from world-class Business Schools, industry, UK and European public sector – even the British Army.


In addition to training, we offer Action Learning sets, run by a trained facilitator on your premises or virtually.

These sessions are designed for up to ten colleagues. You’ll receive bespoke peer-to-peer coaching on your real-life management and leadership challenges.  Action Learning equips you and your teams to excel, because it builds robust, trust-based communication skills and a coaching culture for your team – even your whole organisation.


You’ve been a senior leader for a while now, but you’re always open to new learning. You are confident you know your leadership style, and you have demonstrated you’re successful. The catch? It’s sometimes difficult to find someone to confide in, or to help you bounce ideas around to test your thinking. If this sounds like you, our Acumen™ Board-level network may well be what you’re looking for.