Discretion Guaranteed!

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Leadership Matters

“Discretion” is also described as “circumspection” or “the act of being discreet”.  As clear as mud to most of us.  Nevertheless, I am using this old saying and changing it slightly, to make a point in this article.

Much of my work is carried out in secret.  100% discretion guaranteed.  Now, I am no MI5 agent.  Nor do I encourage my clients to engage in underhand practices in any way.  What I mean is that lots of my clients do not feel able to admit they are working with an executive coach.  Many of my clients are lawyers and accountants – people to whom others turn for definitive advice.  As I have noted in one of my earlier blogs, there is a widespread misconception “out there” that being coached means you NEED to be coached.  Or, put another way, that you need to be fixed in some way.  It’s a deficit model.


No-one can know

What this means in practise is that I often work under “NDAs” – Non-Disclosure Agreements.  As I write, I have two in place covering my work with a financial organisation and an international charity.

This also means that, when I operate my leadership development networking product, the Future Leaders’ Breakfast®  club, I am discreet.  Unless our attendees are happy to be part of the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, or they choose to say they attend, I tend not to tell anyone they do.  It’s not because they have asked me to keep it quiet.  It is simply because I think it is nobody’s business if they do, as the song said.


What does discretion guaranteed actually mean?

It’s simple.  The target market for Future Leaders Breakfast® club (FLB®s) is young people who are new to management positions.

Who actually attends?  Lots of young people often trainees or newly-qualified professionals who are starting to have responsibility for other colleagues.

Who else actually attends?  Managers, Associates, Partners, Directors.  We’ve even had Equity Partners and a Chief Executive.  People from public, private and voluntary sectors.  People who all want to network in a fun new way.  Probably, those same people all want to pick up some leadership hints and tips that they had not previously been taught.

And this is the point.  How many people are actually taught how to manage and then to lead, as well as being taught how to be successful lawyers / bankers / surveyors / accountants?  Very few.  This is why we run the FLB®s.  We provide a service which most business leaders daren’t admit they need!


What could this mean for YOU?

If you are already leading a team, but not 100% sure that you know what you’re doing, leadership-wise, FLB®s could be for you.  Who’s going to know if you are actually learning something at the same time?


No one will know that you are actually learning things you didn’t already know, when you come along.  Like I say, discretion guaranteed.  So, FLB®s are a brilliant way to learn how to be an even better manager, and a better leader – discreetly.  The beauty is that the networking acts as a smokescreen, keeping your lack of management knowledge tightly under wraps.

So, it would be really easy for you to come along to our networking events and pick up lots of handy hints.  This would help you manage and lead your team for success … and no one will know you’re not just there for the networking.  You win all ways.


Our FLB® mailing list is the best way to find out more.  You’ll be first to know about our events as we open back up as the pandemic subsides.  Come and join us to build your handy local connections … and make sure you are the best manager and leader you can be.