How well do you know your team – or yourself?

Pretty well? How do you know?

Having a thorough grasp of your team’s strengths and potential blind spots (and of your own) is essential in a productive, positive and successful workplace.

We offer a range of different profiling tools, that give you the information you and your team need to excel.


This is a totally unique way for you to carry out an assessment of your workplace. No other profiling tool looks at how employees’ needs are met in work. This UK-based tool helps you measure productivity, engagement and wellbeing across your organisation. By measuring these “soft” issues, it provides you with hard metrics, and therefore comparisons for improved performance, quarter-by-quarter. It is a “Train the Trainer”-based product, where we will work with you to embed this in your workplace, so your teams can drive their own improvements.

Proven in companies such as Siemens, this product is powerful, yet elegantly simple to implement. It really does enable you to understand and measure your organisation’s capacity for performance.

Astrid Davies is accredited to deliver BP2W and is the registered Service Provider who will respond to your queries.

Accredited to deliver An Even Better Place to Work


This unique profile is available via The Change Maker Group. The Change Maker Profile was developed in the UK and it measures someone’s key strengths, when responding to change. It is supplied as a detailed report.

This is a great tool for helping you check you have the right mix of talent, to deliver the change you want. It can also explain why some of your previous changes haven’t worked as well as you’d hoped.


This profile is delivered direct from ADCL. This tried-and-tested US-developed profiling approach forms the basis for many of the more expensive and complex personality profiles out there. By blending it with colour-based interpretation, ADCL will help you to understand how you work, how you come across, and how you can best communicate and work with your colleagues.

Your DISC profile is supplied as a detailed report. ADCL offers coaching sessions to interpret these reports, either 1:1 or as the basis for team coaching, onboarding and teambuilding.


How a leader behaves is just as important as the competencies, skills and experience they bring. This profiling tool, available for individuals and organisation-wide, is an evidence-based tool designed for senior level recruitment and promotion. It assesses behaviours and the extent to which the idea leadership competencies are used.  It does not assess personality, and therefore can be used to reduce the potential for bias in recruitment or promotions.

This is available direct from ADCL, because Astrid Davies is accredited to work with the PLI diagnostic. The PLI tool is UK-based and pulls on a vast range of academic and practical evidence gathering from thousands of participants to form its models.  It is widely used in the NHS and across local government in England for top level assessments.