How well do you know your team – or yourself?

Pretty well? How do you know?

Having a thorough grasp of your team’s strengths and potential blind spots (and of your own) is essential in a productive, positive and successful workplace.

We offer a range of different profiling tools, that give you the information you and your team need to excel.


This unique profile is available via The Change Maker Group. The Change Maker Profile was developed in the UK and it measures someone’s key strengths, when responding to change. It is supplied as a detailed report.

This is a great tool for helping you check you have the right mix of talent, to deliver the change you want. It can also explain why some of your previous changes haven’t worked as well as you’d hoped.

The Change Maker Profile 5 "proclivities" or styles, as a circular infographic. Blue, Green, Yellow and Red quarter segments show Strategist, Game Changer, Polisher and Implementer styles. The purple circle in the middle of this outer ring is The Play Maker.


This profile is delivered direct from ADCL. This tried-and-tested US-developed profiling approach forms the basis for many of the more expensive and complex personality profiles out there. By blending it with colour-based interpretation, ADCL will help you to understand how you work, how you come across, and how you can best communicate and work with your colleagues.

Your DISC profile is supplied as a detailed report. ADCL offers coaching sessions to interpret these reports, either 1:1 or as the basis for team coaching, onboarding and teambuilding.

Perfect Teams diagnostic

Perfect Teams is, like most of our profiling tools, based in Jungian thought.  However, this diagnostic was designed by an engineer, keen to profile whole teams based on their character and contribution.  By learning how to respect what each character brings to the team, you can understand and resolve your workplace challenges with clarity.  We love the clear visuals on the reports too – they give at-a-glance feedback on where your team has strengths and gaps.

Available as individual and team reports, this is a powerful tool to understand your team in an easy way that focuses on building toward the future through facilitating great conversations.

Colourful pentagon shape in rainbow colours which is the Perfect Teams profiling product logo

SOVA leadership assessments

SOVA is a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled platform which offers flexible leadership assessment reports.  Traditionally used for high-end recruitment, SOVA reports are also brilliant at helping you spot and nurture your internal talent.  In today’s world, organisational agility is crucial.  SOVA reports will help you find people who are the best fit for your roles now, and in the future as your organisation grows.  This is part of our leadership development service in our 3-step programme.