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Being a senior leader is great … until it isn’t.

When you are part of a top team that just isn’t working as well as it could, it can be really uncomfortable.  You may not feel your values fit any more.  You may even feel on the outside, watching the good work unravel. 

It isn’t a good feeling, is it?

If this is you, we understand how hard that is.  We have built our simple 3-step programme to help leaders just like you.

Progress is easy with our simple 3-step approach


We offer professional facilitators, team and executive coaches who specialise in helping senior management teams work more effectively.

With our straightforward way of working, you can really feel that you’re getting back on track, fast.   Here’s how it works:


Step 1:  DIAGNOSIS – We work with you to identify and diagnose the key challenges. 

Step 2: BUILDING YOUR BEST TEAM – We will highlight your team’s behaviours,  key strengths and barriers to purpose-driven success. 

Step 3: GROW FOR THE FUTURE – We will help you  focus, so you optimise your productivity in line with your values.



We help you identify and prioritise the most urgent and important issues facing your company.  

To do this, we conduct in-depth interviews with your team members and facilitate meetings to observe the team dynamics.

We then present back on our findings and work with you to shape the programme so it is 100% tailored for your organisation’s needs.

This way, we build you a clear and objective picture of your current situation, your challenges and your desired outcomes. 






We use a carefully researched selection of profiling tools to assess the core strengths of each team member and the Board as a whole.

This helps you develop a shared language, so you communicate effectively, appreciate diversity, and resolve conflicts constructively.

Your team will operate within an inclusive framework that is both psychologically-safe and purpose-driven.  In this way you will all be modelling the best behaviours to achieve the positive outcomes you really desire.

You will learn how to leverage your collective skills, strengths and energies to best advantage, for you and your key stakeholders.






We support you in creating and executing a strategic plan that aligns with your vision, values and goals.

We coach you as a team on how to improve your decision-making, collaboration, and accountability as a Board.

You will be able to pick from a range of leadership development services to help you.  This can be pulled together into tailored leadership development programmes so you embed ethical and just leadership principles throughout your organisation and your culture. 

We also offer specific management development options that build your managers’ skills and enable them to grow into your leaders of the future.

Above all, we equip you to manage and lead with purpose and success.

So please click the button and start making ethical leadership easier.


Astrid Davies Consulting Limited features Astrid Davies as our founder and lead consultant.  Astrid will be your point of contact for our work together.

Sometimes, your bespoke 3-step programme implementation requires a range of expert inputs.  This is why Astrid has brought together a carefully-curated group of Associates, all authorities in their own industries.

Together we bring you a huge range of leadership and management development support options, so you can be assured of top quality project inputs throughout our work together.


To find out more about our fantastic Associates and more on our ethical values-driven business, please click the button below