This Board level club offers a confidential space where you can share your workplace challenges.  You will also be able to swap ideas with other business leaders. Take the opportunity to be both a sounding board for your peers and to benefit from their wisdom, as you coach and challenge one another in a comfortable setting.

You will make strong connections, and do great business with like-minded peers who, like you, are looking out for sound advice and expertise.

Membership of this club is on a subscription basis. Your subscription will qualify you for access to exclusive peer-to-peer networking in a discreet atmosphere over a delicious meal in a high-end restaurant. Styled loosely on an Action Learning set, you will join your fellow Club members in developing and refining your coaching leadership style.  As part of this, you will be accessing other great business minds to help you solve those problems that have been nagging away at you. The meetings are professionally facilitated.

In addition to the suppers, your subscription also qualifies you for six personal Executive coaching sessions with our lead consultant, Astrid Davies. You will be sharper, more focused and more motivated, with clear personal and business goals that you’ll be hungry to achieve.

To find out where your local club meets, and to confirm your subscription, just click the button and we will start your enrolment process.